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What started off as a normal bookstore a few decades back is today a bookstore chain and with a big online presence. Yes, we have been in the comic book selling industry for quite a long time. We print and publish all the latest comics that are available in the market. Our goal is to be the single stop shop for all your comic needs.

Customers are the most important people for us and we provide the following services to you

Online booking and delivery:

We have tied up with all the major e-commerce sites who sell our books to you. We ensure that all your purchases are delivered as quickly as possible and in the best of shapes. We know how important it is to a kid to read a new comic book. The pleasure is simply unmatchable.

On Call support:

We have both telephonic support during normal business hours and also respond to any queries you may have online. You can contact us through our website. If you are on the search for any rare or old comic, you might just be lucky that we have it. If you don’t find something you are looking for in regular shops, then we are the solution.


If you are in confusion as to which comic book your kid may like, we have online reviews updated for every new comic book that hits the town. We also have comics categorized based on genre, age groups, gender etc. So feel free to browse through our list and find out which book would suit you or your kid and also read reviews about them.

If you think of comics, then think of us; visit us today and grab the best and latest copies of all comics. You have a comic need, then we have a solution for it.